Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diamonds may be a girls BEST friend, but wedding florals are a very important detail! These beautiful clutch bouquets add just the right hint of color for pictures!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


DOLPHIN DREAM WEDDINGS and the amazing beauty of Maui combine to provide an amazing destination wedding experience that is "No Ka Oi"...THE BEST! Our experience of having planned and coordinated almost 1,500 weddings and vow renewals allows you to be STRESS FREE during the pre-planning and wedding day. We live on West Maui and do weddings also on South Maui so we know Maui very well. Just ask and let us answer all your questions (or we will get the answer from a reliable source) and help you make the best decisions regarding every aspect of your ceremony, reception and island activities. (We can book many of your activities and don't charge an additional fee for this added service. Why worry with making more calls when we can do it ALL!) Our vendors are not new to the island and therefore you can trust them, their products and their overall service. Each year Maui has over 2 million visitors who flock from all over the world and think that they have found earthly "Paradise". We are happy to share all our secrets about great wedding locations such as palm lined beaches, beautiful gardens, waterfalls, oceanside lawns and private estates. Why settle for anything less than THE BEST? Look over our affordably priced wedding packages at:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Did you know that just like a thumbprint or snowflake that NO TWO BRIDES ARE ALIKE? Each one of you have unique outward and inward appearances, likes and dislikes, personality and personal tastes. Thank Heaven because my job would be quite boring if everyone wanted the same cookie cutter wedding! This isn't brain surgery we actually can get very creative here and you can make the choices that suit your personal or collective (oh yeah..let's don't forget the groom) taste and style. So, what if you don't like the 2010 color of the year..PURPLE? You shouldn't change your style or taste for anyone else.

Should you follow what other destination brides are doing for their ceremony? So what if many other couples get married barefoot in the sand? You can do it on the grassy lawn, or at the resort or on a sailboat or in the helicopter or while scuba diving. You may think that you absolutely MUST have a violinist where someone else may think that they would rather have a Hawaiian guitarist/singer. Doves or butterflies? Formal wear or casual? We have seen it all and we are never surprised or challenged when you make specific requests regarding the wedding details that you feel are important. Our motto is, "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT WE CAN ARRANAGE IT!" So, remember that NO TWO BRIDES ARE yourself. We wouldn't want it any other way.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another beautiful wedding in paradise!

Call us today so we can begin planning your beautiful Maui wedding and honeymoon!


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Brides and grooms call and ask us how to begin the planning. I always offer these three easy steps:
1)Choose your wedding date/time!
2)Decide where you are staying on Maui so we can make a recommendation of the best location (beach, resort, private estate, etc.) for your ceremony.
3)Reserve your wedding with DOLPHIN DREAM WEDDINGS with a $200 deposit/planning fee. (You can do this over the phone by calling us at 1-800-793-2933 and providing your credit card info and we will take down your important information, make your file and begin the planning!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Do you remember when you first fell in love and how at that magic moment that life seemed wonderful? When my husband first proposed ,(under the big oak tree by my college dorm), it seemed that all of time stood still.

Almost every day I try to help create more of those magical moments as we plan and coordinate beautiful beach, resort and private estate weddings on our beautiful island of Maui. To see weeks, months or often more than a year of planning work morph into the memorable day of two individuals is a great responsibility and a great privilege. When a couple stands together with their friends lovingly watching with tears of joy it reminds me of why I love doing weddings. Sure, we've had wedding rings lost in the sand on the beach...but we found them. A bride once lost her fake eye lashes in the wind...but she didn't care. And, every wedding has a story to tell and a funny or very touching moment. And every day I am reminded that LOVE IS IN THE AIR!